The Interpreter of Technology

BC Computing Services was established in 2003 and is known for its reliable and efficient computer maintenance and services provided to Home and Business IT users.

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Sarah F.

“Ben has always shown to be an expert in his field and breaks down technical terms so unexperienced IT people can understand.”

Alex S.

“I would highly recommend Ben at BC Computing Services. Ben helped me find solutions for streamlining my business processes and I couldn’t be happier.”

Karen B.

“Very thorough and was able to do everything that was asked of him. He gave me some feedback in a way that I could understand. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the service”

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AbouT ME

I’m Ben Carruthers, your Interpreter of Technology

Offering services such as installations, training, technical support, website development and much more. As a result of many years experience catering to the needs of a wide range of clients across a number of technologies, I regard myself as a specialist in providing IT solutions.