Seagate Wireless Plus – Database Initializing Issue

This issue arose on a Seagate Wireless Plus 1TB Mobile Storage device. This is a 1TB portable drive that can create it’s own wireless network as well as act as a relay to an existing wireless network (allowing you to access the hard drive’s media as well as the Internet). It includes a battery for use on the move.

This is a fairly technical article posted primarily due to the lack of relevant information on the Internet for resolving this issue.

Model / Part Numbers

Model 1AYBA2
Part Number: 1FPBM1-570
Model Number: STCK1000300


  • The Seagate Media app for Apple iPad could not find the device on the network.
  • When connecting to the wireless network, it automatically opens a website ( for the hard drive and displays the error:
    • “Database initializing. Please try again after few seconds”
  • Can’t access settings page on website.
    • The device firmware version is listed on this now inaccessible page
  • Battery Gauge shows 0%
  • Database icon shows 0% – Stage 2 – Cataloging media

Background Research

Steps Taken to Find a Resolution

  1.  Is there a firmware upgrade available?
    • Using the Seagate download drivers facility where you enter the model / part number indicates that there is no firmware upgrade available.
  2. Ran Chkdsk from Windows
    • Some unused index entries and unused security descriptors were found, but this did not resolve the issue
  3. Is there an SSH service running as indicated from the background research performed?
    • No. There only ports / services open are:
      • 23/tcp open telnet
      • 53/tcp open domain dnsmasq 2.45
      • 80/tcp open http lighttpd 1.4.30
      • 139/tcp open netbios-ssn Samba smbd 3.X (workgroup: WORKGROUP)
      • 443/tcp open http lighttpd 1.4.30
      • 445/tcp open netbios-ssn Samba smbd 3.X (workgroup: WORKGROUP)
      • 8200/tcp open trivnet1? (MiniDLNA)
  4. How does the Telnet service work?
  5. Is the DLNA service broken?
    • After telnetting to the device and running:
      • /usr/bin/minidlna-server status
    • Nothing was returned.
    • Restarting the minidlna-server service does not resolve the issue.
    • In summary, it appears as though the DLNA service is in fact broken.
  6. Does a factory reset resolve the issue?
    • No, including removing all files and formatting the drive.
  7. Can Seagate support be of assistance / Is a firmware update actually available?
  8. The resolution
    • Check the current version of firmware installed by viewing the following file (replacing X with the drive letter of your Seagate drive):
      • X:\.GoFlexData\log\Scanner.log
    • In this case the version installed was v2.0.0.055
    • Copy the v2.1.0.014 firmware file that you download from here to the root of the Seagate drive when connected to your PC by the USB cable.
    • Turn off the Seagate drive. Disconnect the USB cable and then turn the Seagate drive back on.
    • Wait for the blue LED stops flashing the firmware upgrade should be complete.
    • This resolves the Database Initializing issue.
    • To continue updating to the latest version of firmware, log into the web interface and connect the Seagate drive to your existing wireless network (in relay mode) following the instructions here (same as the link above for v2.3.0.013)
    • The drive will then download the v2.2.0.005 firmware and apply after the next reboot of the Seagate drive and then repeat once again to apply the v2.3.0.013 firmware.

In summary, whilst the cause of the initial issue is not certain, updating the firmware successfully resolves this issue.

2 responses to “Seagate Wireless Plus – Database Initializing Issue”

  1. shriyans Avatar

    i have a seagate wireless plus 1TB external HDD. im unable to access my files wirelessly. when i open it through browser, it says “database initialising “. when i try to access it through seagate mobile app it always show “server unavailable” . what do i do? its been a whole month and its just not working. some say i should install new firmware. if thats the solution please send me the exact firmware download link and HOW to install firmware instructions. please help.

    1. Ben Carruthers Avatar

      Hi Shriyans,

      Trying to update the firmware sounds like a good place to start. Try entering the relevant details on this site: to find the current firmware details. If that doesn’t work, then contact Seagate support who should be able to provide direct download links for you.



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